Professional and Life Experience Make a Difference! 

Hello! and Welcome to My Practice!  I look forward to working with you.

You are coming to a seasoned therapist with extensive training and life experience.  This is an independent private practice where quality individualized service is the goal

My undergraduate education was completed at Kent State University and graduate education at the University of Kentucky. Over the years, I've remained engaged in learning new skills that are considered "evidence based" as well as cutting edge emerging modalities.  I'm a believer that healers are better if they have undergone the same therapeutic process as you.  And best of all... nothing makes one a great healer like the "school of hard knocks."  I've encountered a few of those and I'm here to tell you that not only can you survive, but actually thrive.  

I've worked in the field for more than 20 years and am licensed in Florida as a Mental Health Counselor (FL MH#0002430) with a Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology.  I have held national certifications as a counselor (NCC) and employee assistance professional (CEAP). I am a nationally Board Certified Counselor.

​Psychiatrists, Family Physicians and Previous Clients 

trust Lisa with their own friends and family!

  • Are You Stuck on a Particular Issue that other therapists couldn't help resolve?  
    • Advanced training with EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprossessing.)   This is really great for trauma, small and large.  Many clinicians are trained, but few are highly skilled at the process. 
    • Utilize a unique creative method of rapid healing similar to Internal Family Systems Therapy. 
    • Able to teach emotional freedom technique (EFT), and meditation with self pay clients.
  • Family, Parenting, or Marriage issues?   
    • Completed Level II of John Gottman's methods in 2018.
    • Locally, nationally, and internationally I've taught personal growth seminars including:
      • Communication skills.   
      • Parent / Family Enhancement classes 
  • Holistic Practitioner
    • ​Holistic means that, should you decide, we will develop a treatment plan that may incorporate Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical aspects.  If this isn't your cup of tea, don't worry, it's not mandatory and is never pushed upon you.
  • Work-related issues?  
    • I was an "in-house EAP Counselor" for several Fortune 100 (Johnson & Johnson 10 years) and Federal Government agencies (IRS, GSA, FAA) and so I know the insides of corporate life.  I work well with entry through executive level employees.  
  • Published More than a Dozen Articles in NE Florida in Clay County and Natural Awakenings. 
  • Published:  an internet travelogue during a year long cross-country sabbatical in 2001-2002. 
  • I Work Well with Women and Men.  Teens actually enjoy coming here!
  • Ages
    • ​Adults, 18-100
    • 10-12 year olds are great!  The office is not set up for play therapy for children under age 8 
    • I love helping teens and young adults find their way in life  
  •  Broad Brush Experience Over the years, I have worked in:
    • domestic violence  
    • suicide hotlines 
    • emergency room settings  
    • community mental health 
    • forensic (criminal) populations 
    • substance abuse 
    • community service coordination  
    • the chronically mentally ill.  
    •  Private Practice since the 1990s. 

All are welcome to an initial visit to see if it is a good match for you.  No matter the skill level of a therapist, as in any relationship, therapeutic success often depends on the "fit" so always feel free to discuss this with me...if we aren't a good fit, it's likely I know colleagues who are a better fit.  You won't hurt my feelings!

While your concerns are taken seriously, therapy can bring a bit of lightness and laughter to your life.  Most people are very comfortable and quickly at ease with me. People describe me as an excellent listener and down to earth.  ​

This "small boutique" office is made up of a  team of off-location assistants who help make this a great experience for you: Penny and Scott at Maher Appointments will schedule and take your calls and Nancy runs a top-notch billing company.

Lisa J Moore, LMHC
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About Lisa

Lisa J Moore, LMHC